2011 Congress

January 1, 2014 in Abstracts of Conference Papers, Bembino, Conference Announcement, ICMS, International Congress on Medieval Studies

46th International Congress on Medieval Studies

12–15 May 2011

[First published on our first website on *20 January 2011, with updates]

At this Congress, the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence held two sessions, respectively sponsored and co-sponsored, in the fifth year of co-sponsorship with the Societas Magica.  As customary, Trustees and Associates of the Research Group participated in the Congress in various capacities.

Here we list the Programs of the sessions, along with Abstracts of Papers, and we publish the first of our Posters ever for such sessions.

The inspiration for the poster came from the generous offer by our session participant David W. Sorenson to give images of manuscripts free of charge for reproduction for such purposes.  Thus the poster includes donated images and design, with images courtesy of David Sorenson and with layout in our copyright digital font Bembino, described and downloadable for FREE here:  Bembino.

[Update: This ‘first edition’ inaugurated a tradition of illustrated Posters for our Congress Sessions in following years, as recorded in our Congress Activities, as well as for our other Events elsewhere, including Colloquia & Symposia. Since 2014, they are exhibited in our Gallery of Posters on Display.]

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