Seminars, Workshops, Exhibitions, Masterclasses,
Symposia, Colloquia, Receptions, Parties

Logo of the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence in Monochrome VersionLogo of the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence (colour version)The Events sponsored and co-sponsored by the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence include Seminars, Masterclasses, Exhibitions, Receptions, Parties, Workshops, Colloquia, and Symposia, which take place at various centers.

These “Events” stand apart from the Congress Sessions and other activities (Exhibitions, Business and Other Meetings, and Receptions) which the Research Group customarily sponsors and co-sponsors at the annual International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo, Michigan, as reported in our Congress Archive.  More recently, as our sponsored Panels at the Annual Convention of the Midwest Modern Language Association have become a “Permanent” feature at the Convention (2016–), we have created its own page on this site, reporting our M-MLA Panels.  Thus we distinguish between the activities recurring at larger conferences, hosted at their venues, and events which the Research Group organizes or co-organizes individually or in series at a variety of institutions, who host and co-sponsor them.

Our events focus upon a wide variety of subjects and approaches, promoting discourse between fields of study and between experts, students, and the wider world.

Series in Succession

The events occur in several series, according with subjects, locations, and research.

“The Evidence of Manuscripts”

Front cover of the assembled booklet with the Profile of the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence and the full set of 5 Annual Reports to the Leverhulme Trust, which funded the 5-year major Research ProjectSeminars on “The Evidence of Manuscripts” (1989–1995)
held as part of the collaborative Research Project on “The Archaeology of Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts”
from which arose the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence itself, along with
our earliest Publications and co-publications


Exhibitions and Masterclasses

Photographic Exhibitions & Masterclasses (1990–)
held as part of those Seminars and other activities over the years


“The Transmission of the Bible”

Annual Symposia on “The Transmission of the Bible” (1995–2000)
held in various centers in New Jersey and New York City

  • “The Bible and the Visual Arts” (Barnard College, 1995)
  • “The Carolingian Bible and Its Impact” (Princeton University, 1996)
  • “The Late-Antique Bible and Its Impact” (Rutgers University, 1997)
  • “The Bible and the Liturgy” (Fordham University, 1998)
  • “The Apocalypse in Word and Image” (Princeton University, 1999)
  • “Canterbury and the Bible” (Rutgers University, 2000)

Carolingian Bible Symposium Announcement (1996)

1998 polychrome poster for 'The Bible and The Liturgy' Symposium at Fordham University


2000 Poster in polychrome lettering for the 'Canterbury and the Bible' Symposium at Douglass College of Rutgers University


The New Series (2001–)

Workshops & Colloquia (2001–2003)
held in various centers in the United States and England

  • Some of our Symposia (see below) include Workshops,
    for example at the Princeton University Art Museum and in Special Collections of Firestone Library at Princeton University

Symposia (2009 and 2013–) held at Princeton University

Starting with “Identity and Authenticity (2013), the Symposia are accompanied by Program Booklets which present the Program and the Abstracts of the Presentations.  Starting with “Recollections of the Past” (2014), the Booklets include illustrations.  Set in RGME Bembino and laid out by our Font Designer, the Booklets are designed for distribution at the event itself, then released for circulation more widely in downloadable form.  Even the cancelled Spring Symposium of 2020 has its completed Program Booklet, honoring the concerted intentions of our contributors for presentation at the event.

2013 Poster 1 for the Symposium on 'Identity and Authenticity', laid out in RGME Bembino and illustrated with images courtesy of De Brailes Medieval Art LLC and David W. Sorenson

Poster for 2014 Symposium at Princeton University on 'Recollections of the Past', with images courtesy of Adelaide Bennett. Poster laid out in RGME Bembino.

Poster 1 for the 2016 'Words & Deeds' Symposium at Princeton University, with 4 images from the Otto Ege Collection, The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University. Photography by Lisa Fagin Davis. Reproduced by permission. Poster set in RGME Bembino

Poster 1 for 2019 Anniversary Symposium, with symposium information with images of manuscript and early printed pages..

Poster 1 for 2019 Symposium


Poster 2 for 219 Anniversary Symposium, with symposium information and 2 images of cropped initials, from 12th-century Latin manuscripts, from the Princeton University Art Museum.

Poster 2 for 2019 Symposium

2020 Symposium "From Cover to Cover" Poster 1

2020 Symposium Poster 1

2020 Symposium "From Cover to Cover" Poster 2

2020 Symposium Poster 2

Colloquium (2014) held at Princeton University

Seminar (2014) held at the Index of Christian Art at Princeton University

Inspecting the despoiled Book of Hours at our 'Show & Tell' Seminar on Manuscripts & Their Photographs on 9 December 2014

Observing the Book of Hours at the 2014 Seminar

Parties and Receptions (1994–) held at various centers, for example to celebrate our Anniversary Years

A group gathers spontaneously to enjoy a Selfie at the Co-Sponsored Reception of the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence and the Index of Christian Art at the 2016 International Congress on Manuscript Studies. Photography © Mildred Budny.

At our Reception at the 2016 Congress. Photograph Mildred Budny.

2019 Anniversary Reception. View of the Room, filled with groups of people. Photograph Mildred Budny.

2019 Anniversary Reception. Photograph Mildred Budny.

The Research Group Speaks:  The Series (2021–)

In 2021 the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence launched a series of online Events, to take the forms of interviews, lectures, webinars, round-tables, workshops, and more.  Before it might be possible safely to contemplate in-person events, such methods of meeting may offer a form of transition.  The gatherings consider textual and other materials in various forms.

The Series began with an Interview in July 2021 with our Associate, Barbara Williams Ellertson.  With a small invited audience, Barbara spoke about her interests in books, and the stages leading to her BASIRA Project.  For information about the Project on Books as Symbols in Renaissance Art, its subjects, its scope, and its aims, see

Next, in September 2021, the food historian Linda Civitello talked about the early history of Italian cuisine, especially Cuoco Napolitano, and its ingredients, sources, and influences — for Southern Italian cuisine and beyond.

Invitation Card to Linda Civitello’s presentation on 18 September 2021

More events are planned.


These Events are described and illustrated in our Events Archive.

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