2023 Autumn Symposium “Between Earth and Sky”

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2023 Autumn Symposium
“Between Earth and Sky”

Part 2 of 2 in the
2023 Spring and Autumn Symposia
on “Materials & Access”

[Posted on 21 March 2023, with updates]

For 2023, the Year’s Theme for the Research Group is “Materials & Access”.

The RGME continues with its pair of Symposia for 2023, continuing its expanded pattern of paired day-long virtual Spring and Autumn Symposia launched in 2022.

"Centered". Photograph Ⓒ 2014 Mildred Budny. Image of Dew at the center of Sedum.

“Centered”. Photograph Ⓒ 2014 Mildred Budny.

This year, the Spring and Autumn Symposia will take place by Zoom respectively on:

  • Saturday, 25 March 2023
  • Saturday 21 October 2023 (“The Sweetest Day” 2023)

Each Symposium in the pair explores a wide range of spheres, subjects, case-studies, and issues connected with the duality of Materials of many kinds and varieties of Access to them.

1 of 2.  2023 Spring Symposium,
with a Pre-Symposium of Lightning Talks

Pre-Symposium:  “Intrepid Borders” (24 March 2023)

Spring Symposium:  “From the Ground Up” (25 March 2023)

The Spring Symposium prepares to take place. It has acquired a companion event, in the form of a half-day virtual Pre-Symposium with Lightning Talks selected from responses to a Call for Proposals and organized by Katharine C. Chandler, Jennifer Larson, and Jessica L. Savage.

Information about these companion events, taking place on Friday afternoon 24 March and all day Saturday 25 March 2023:

Baltimore, Walters Art Museum, MS. W.148, folio 33v, bottom right, with fighting creatures. Image via Creative Commons.

Photograph of the stems and white blooms of Snowdrops emerging from a patch of bare ground in the sunlight. Photograph Ⓒ Mildred Budny.

The blooms of Snowdrops emerging “From the Ground Up”. Photograph Ⓒ Mildred Budny.

The 2023 Spring Pre-Symposium/Symposium Booklet records the Program for both events and the Abstracts for their Presentations, with Illustrations.

2 of 2.  2023 Autumn Symposium: “Between Earth and Sky”

Saturday 21 October 2023 by Zoom

Ravenna, Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, Ceiling Mosaic. Photo: Petar Milošević / CC BY-SA, Wikipedia.

Participants, variously as Presenters, Respondents, Presiders, Moderators, and Advisers, include:

  • Mildred Budny, Barbara Williams Ellertson, Justin Hastings, Laura Light, John McQuillan, Ann Pascoe-van-Zyl, Ronald Patkus, David Porreca, David W. Sorenson, Kathy Young, Kıvılcım Yavuz, and others.

Among them are Speakers who now reprise or offer a variant on the papers which they planned for the RGME 2020 Spring Symposium in person at Princeton University.  Their illustrated Abstracts for that cancelled event describe the intentions then.  See 2020 Spring Symposium (Save the Date) and the published Symposium Booklet, available as a pdf laid out

As the Program for the 2023 Autumn Symposium takes fuller shape, we post its details here.

As a beacon, for the event, we reflect on the majestic standing figure of Lady Philosophy appearing as a frontispiece in a Late Anglo-Saxon manuscript.  Standing upright with a steady frontal gaze, wrapped in flowing garments, she rests her feet upon hilly ground, while she holds up to the sides an elongated book in one hand and a foliate scepter in the other.  This is a favorite book and image.

Full-length figure of Philosophy at the front of Boethius' Consolation of Philosophy in a 10th-Century Anglo-Saxon copy.

Cambridge, Trinity College, MS O.3.7, fol. 1r. Frontispiece image of Philosophy Personnified for Boethius, De consolatione philosophiae, with commentary. Image via CC 4.0 International License, via https://mss-cat.trin.cam.ac.uk/Manuscript/O.3.7

Registration for the 2023 Autumn Symposium

To register for the event, visit the RGME Eventbrite Collection.

Registration is required; there is no charge for admission.  Donations for our mission and activities are welcome, and may be tax-deductible.  Registering for the event offers an option for you to make a donation easily and conveniently.  We thank you for your interest and support.

More Information Soon

Watch this space for more information as it unfolds.

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"Centered". Photograph Ⓒ 2014 Mildred Budny. Image of Dew at the center of Sedum.

“Centered”. Photograph Ⓒ 2014 Mildred Budny.