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The Bulletin of the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence (ISSN 1528-7971)

Number 1 (Winter 2006)


Sponsors & Benefactors
From the Editor

“Welcome to ShelfLife” by Asa Simon Mittman


“The Research Group on Manuscript Evidence:  Origins, Aims, and Outlook” by Mildred Budny

“The Research Group on Manuscript Evidence: Style Manifesto” by Mildred Budny & Leslie French

“When Graphotactics Mattered” by Robert D. Stevick

“Manuscripts and the Index of Christian Art” by Colum Hourihane

Hidden Treasures

“Nicholas of Lyra at Stanford University” by John Mustain


“Illuminating The Wonders of the East in the Beowulf Manuscript” [with a report on the Research Group Session at the 2005 International Congress on Medieval Studies 2005 Congress Sessions]


“The Early Medieval Forum” [by Mildred Budny]

Exhibitions & Catalogues

“Angelsächsisches Erbe in München / Anglo-Saxon Heritage in Munich” by Hans Sauer

Notes from the Field

“Profile of Raymond Cormier”

“Message Board”

Resources on the Web

“Peregrinations:  International Society for the Study of Pilgrimage Art” [by Mildred Budny]

New Books

“Medieval Curiosities” [by Mildred Budny, reviewing Maps and Monsters in Medieval England by Asa Simon Mittman (ISBN 0-415-97613-8, 978-0-415-97613-8) and Binding Words:  Textual Amulets in the Middle Ages by Don C. Skemer (ISBN  978-0-271-02722-7 and 978-0-271-02722-4)]

Research Group Home Page

“Our New Website” [by Mildred Budny]

“About Our Logo” [by Mildred Budny]

Partnerships & Co-Sponsorship

“The Societas Magica and Co-Sponsored Sessions” [by Mildred Budny]

“Printing and Publishing with ACMRS” [by Mildred Budny]

Cover Story

“About our Cover:  A Canterbury Tale” by Mildred Budny

Submissions & Advertising

Coming Attractions

“How to Judge a Book by Its Cover” [by Mildred Budny]

Subscriptions & Donations

“Join Our Activities and Become a Sponsor”


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