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Poster for 'Medieval Writing Materials' Session at the 2013 International Congress on Medieval Studies, with layout in the font BembinoAs we prepare the Posters for our Sessions at the International Congress on Medieval Studies in May 2015, and as we complete the new revision of our Style Manifesto, we review the evolution of the designs for the Posters, other promotional materials, and the printed pages of publications.

They began with the design of our logo, completed by 1989 in its first form in black-and-white outlines and augmented with colors by 2000.  There soon followed, with the creation of the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence (then based at the Parker Library of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge), a series of designs including the first versions of our Letterhead, the Invitations to our Seminars on “The Evidence of Manuscripts” held both there and elsewhere (1989-1995), our Style Manifesto, and the first of especially designed characters (for printing Old English, Middle English, and other languages).

This dedication led in time to the design in full of our own multilingual digital font Bembino, now appearing on this website and in many of our Publications.  The font is available for download for FREE here.

Until Bembino, our preferred font was Adobe Garamond, in which appear our first publications and co-publications, including

The evolution of designs and layout for the Pages and Posts of our website, in both the first version in Drupal (2006-2016), archived online during transition between that site and the new one (2014 and this newer version (2014-2016) in WordPress, belongs to another story, albeit related to this one.

The interrelation of those two forms, in print and online, can be seen, for example, in our choice for two media in the publication of our RGME-newsletter, ShelfMarks (2014-), available both in print and online, each appropriately with its own ISSN:  ShelfMarks (Print) ISSN 2377-4096 and ShelfMarks (Online) ISSN 2377-4118.  The printed version, available both in print and in pdf format, conforms specifically to our design layout, and employs Bembino, as now do all our Posters, Program Booklets, and related materials.

With the WordPress version of our website (from 2014), we began to post the Posters and other printed materials relating to our events.  Mostly they appear within the posts or pages concerning the specific event.

Here, the series of exhibition galleries gather a sampling of these materials, in a parade across time and space recording specific occasions, projects, purposes, and celebrations in our history. We start with the designs for our Posters (here), and then turn to other forms of our Layout Designs.

I. Posters

For our sponsored and co-sponsored Events, including Conference Sessions


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Year 4 of our posters for sessions at the Annual International Congress on Medieval Studies. Poster 1.
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Year 4 of our posters for sessions at the Annual International Congress on Medieval Studies. Poster 1.


The next Gallery exhibits the evolving forms of Layout Designs for Invitations, Announcements, Pages, and Covers.


An interview with our Font & Layout Designer describes the processes in the evolution of our designs. Here.

[Published on 10 May 2015, with updates]