History and Design of Our Website

History & Design of our Website

Research Group on Manuscript Evidence Logo

Web Logo of the Research Group on Manuscript EvidenceDonated and designed by our WebMaster, Jesse Hurlbut, our website first launched in 2006, as a Drupal site.  (See his website, Manuscript Art — Taking a Closer Look.)


By 2014, an upgrade and resign launched as a WordPress site (2014–).

The new version enabled the upload of images and printable texts, for presenting images and publishing PDFs, which became available for access, viewing, and download.

This change offered new opportunities and a vibrant expansion for our Publications.   For example, we can show

  • photographs from our
  • digital images of original manuscripts and other materials (as in the Illustrated Handlist and Galleries)
  • Posters for the Events
  • Booklets for Events, Reports, and Papers
  • the illustrated version of our Style Manifesto
  • our illustrated blogs

and more.

2020 Symposium "From Cover to Cover" Poster 2

2020 Symposium Poster 2

All the design, the changes, and the maintenance of our websites are the gift of our WebMaster, Jesse Hurlbut.

For the Record

Our former Drupal site, online since 2006, remained available as an archive online for some time after the upgrade to the WordPress site in 2014.  It could be seen via “http://www.manuscriptevidence.org/data/” until 2016.

With updates as appropriate, its contents have been transferred to this WordPress site.

Wayback Machine / Internet Archive

Snapshots of our 2 websites at various dates, in uneven intervals, are archived on the Internet Archive / Wayback Machine, under its record for manuscriptevidence.org.

Listing those records, we reported in 2020:

That site archives so far “51 captures”, from 24 March 2008 up to 28 December 2019, but none yet for 2020.


Later, we reported:

  • Update: However, as of 6 February 2021, that website now records “106 captures” from “30 Oct 2014 – 26 Jan 2021” (here).



As we redesign the website in 2021, we invite comments and suggestions.

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