Catalogs, Metadata, and Databases: A Handlist of Links

Links of Interest

Catalogs, Metadata, and Databases

A Draft Handlist

Links in necklace form

Links in necklace form, courtesy of “Milly Budny Designs”

[First published on 15 February 2022; Note that URLs may be subject to change.]

This Draft Handlist serves as a gathering place, or point of departure, for explorations of projects and subjects for discussion in the RGME sessions on “Catalogs, Metadata, and Databases” for 2022.

The first of these is a roundtable in February 2022 on

See also Episode 4 of “The Research Group Speaks” (December 2021)

Resources & Projects

Some Catalogs

Approaches to Cataloging / Cataloging Standards

Controlled Vocabulary

Other Resources

  • Toute la Memoire du Monde (1956, Alain Resnais)
    Documentary short film by Alain Resnais on the massive stores of history and human memory contained in the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris (In French with English subtitles, 20 minutes)
  •  Change the Subject Documentary (2019)
    54-minute documentary film following the experiences of a group of Dartmouth College students who challenged the use of anti-immigrant language and Library of Congress subject headings in their library catalog.


Richard Twiss, Farrago, held in the Unversity of Miami Special Collections, Artists’ Books Collection, ‘Butterfly’. Photograph Linde M. Brocato.

Cataloging in Action:  Case Studies or Exhibits
(selected by Linde M. Brocato)


Please visit the webpost for the February 2022 roundtable:  “Catalogs, Metadata, and Databases, Part I”.

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