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Part I.  Specimens of Scripts, Writing Systems & Texts through the Ages

Examples through the Ages

These specimens of written or inscribed materials on papyrus, parchment, paper, palm leaves, stone, clay, and other materials, from many centuries and regions, variously Western, Eastern, and Middle Eastern.  We celebrate the opportunity to showcase them here.

The specimens include texts and documents from Antiquity, Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Early Modern Period, and beyond.  Some have elements of decoration and other forms of embellishment.  Some include illustrations.

Coptic fragment on paper, 10th-century CE

Coptic fragment on paper, 10th-century CE

Scripts on Parade

From Antiquity to the Modern World:
Types of Scripts or Writing Systems
found in Manuscripts and Written Records

Specimens in a private collection
Reproduced by permission

Texts on Parade

From Antiquity to the Modern World:
Types of Texts
preserved in Manuscripts and Written Records

Specimens in a private collection
Reproduced by permission

Dorse of the Document and its Protective Bag. Photography by Mildred Budny.Latin Documents & Cartularies

Specimens in a private collection
Reproduced by permission

Burgundian Archives and Ghent Seals

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Bibliographical Note:

Further information about these Specimens is available upon request.

Also, some of them call for fuller descriptions and analysis, as they pass before the eyes of experts familiar with their characteristics and contexts.

Some reports appear already in our blog on Manuscript Studies:

Decorated opening word 'Nuper' of the Dialogues, Book III, Chapter 13, reproduced by permission

N for ‘Nuper’ in ‘Otto Ege Manuscript 41

Other publications provide research reports as well.

Folio B recto of a late-medieval astrological text in a private collection. Reproduced by permission.

The Planet Mars and the Signs of Aries and Scorpio are described

  • For example, Folios A and B from a late-medieval astrological text are published by David W. Sorenson, “A Latin Astrology Fragment on the Planets”, AVISTA Forum Journal, 23 (2015), 70–76.  This report illustrates the pair of detached leaves, including a view in UltraViolet light, and gives a description of the leaves (whose text is continuous from one leaf to the next), a transcription of their Latin text, and a summary of its contents, concerned with the 9 Signs of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Moon.


II.  Examples of Design & Layout
by the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence

Poster for Session on "Efficacious Words" at the 2015 International Congress on Medieval Studies, with layout in RGME BembinoResearch Group Posters on Display

A celebration of the designs for the posters of our various events, across the years.
In more recent years, they employ our copyright font font Bembino. (And why not.)

Layout Designs

Specimens of our designs for multiple forms of pages, invitations, posters, as they evolved across our history, building toward the creation of our multilingual font Bembino, and then exulting in its abilities and (we think) beauties.


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