2023 End-of-Year Fundraiser for our 2024 Anniversary Year

End-of Year Fund-Raiser
for our 2024 Anniversary Year

[Posted on 21 November 2023]

“Study on a Medieval Bridge” at Amares, Braga District, Portugal. Image by Pedro Nuno Caetano (2019) via Wikimedia Commons via Creative Commons 2.0 Generic.

As the calendar year 2023 draws toward 2024, we open an End-of-Year Fund-Raiser to prepare for our Anniversary Year in 2024.  Next year, our chosen Theme is “Bridges”. As the new year approaches, we prepare a Bridge toward it in the form of this End-of-Year Fundraiser.

We are preparing activities to celebrate this anniversary, when our organization celebrates twenty-five years as a Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization based in Princeton, New Jersey, and thirty-five years as an international scholarly society founded in Cambridge, England, as part of a major research project on medieval manuscripts.

Since that time, with the move of our base from the United Kingdom to the United States, our work has embraced a wide variety of subjects, materials, and original sources, ranging from the antique to Post-Modern worlds and including manuscripts, fragments, documents, printed books, seals and seal matrices, and more.

Moving from 2023 to 2024,
with an Anniversary to Prepare

Our recent activities this year and activities planned for 2024 tell the story; our publications continue to demonstrate the range, in their words and illustrations. See, for example, our blog and the list of activities:

We invite you to participate in our Giving Tuesday Campaign to build a foundation for our 2024 Anniversary Year.  It is easy to do, right here and right now:

Many thanks for your help!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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