Abstracts of Papers for Seminars on ‘The Evidence of Manuscripts’

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We offer a list of presentations and presenters for our initial series of Seminars, Workshops, and other Events during the period of full-time collaborative research, funded by outside sources (individuals and institutions, notably including the Leverhulme Trust), at the Parker Library of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

Our practice in those early years was to send Invitations to a selected, and variable, group of participants.  The Invitations mentioned the subjects or scope of the presentations in summary form, which, in time, led to our practice of issuing Abstracts in more-or-less fuller form for the subsequent Events at various centers, and for the sequence of Sessions at the International Congress on Medieval Studies, as shown elsewhere on our site.

By now, our custom provides Program Booklets with Abstracts, sometimes also with illustrations.  With our upgraded website (2014–), these Booklets are available for download, laid out in accord with the principles of our Style Manifesto, and, in recent years, with our multilingual font Bembino.

These early Seminars, their Invitations, and their flexible approach to ‘Abstracts’ or summaries of the presentations paved the way for our evolving formats for the ‘Menus’ and ‘Souvenir Booklets’ of the Events which followed the series after the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence moved its principal base to the United States in 1994.


Seminars on Evidence of MSS 13 April 1990 InvitationApril 1990 at the Parker Library
‘Sixteenth-Century Interventions in Anglo-Saxon and Related Manuscripts’

Hall, Catherine (April 1990  Seminar)
Ramsay, Nigel (April 1990 Seminar)
Watson, Andrew (April 1990 Seminar)


Symposium on “The Integrated Approach to Manuscript Studies”
Aoyama Gakuin University
5 December 1992
within the Eighth Annual General Congress of the Japan Society for Medieval Studies
as part of the Research Group Events in Japan in November and December 1992

Budny, Mildred (1992 Symposium)
French, Leslie (1992 Symposium)
Graham, Timothy (1992 Symposium)
Hadgraft, Nicholas (1992 Symposium)
Page, R.I. (1992 Symposium)
Sato, Shuji (1992 Symposium)
Kubuochi, Tadao (1992 Symposium)


January 1994 at the Parker Library
‘Image-Processing and Manuscript Studies’

From the archives of the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence, there emerges the sole corrected proof copy of a ‘Preliminary Report’ for this Event.  Although nearly ready for presentation, the Report had to go unpublished due to other intervening tasks which challenged the Research Project itself.

Presented now in transcribed form on our website (here), the ‘Abstracts’ for these papers comprise the Reports, or summaries, prepared by Mildred Budny and Leslie French, with the contributions of the participants.  This Index guides you to the respective summaries.

©The British Library Board, Cotton MS Vitellius A. XV, folio 132r. The opening of the epic poem 'Beowulf', setting the stage impressively for the sole surviving copy of this major monument of Old English language and literature. Reproduced by permission

©The British Library Board, Cotton MS Vitellius A. XV, folio 132r. Reproduced by permission

Bacon, Chris (January 1994 Workshop)
Budny, Mildred (January 1994 Workshop)
Dennett, Malcolm (January 1994 Workshop)
Filby A.G. (January 1994 Workshop)
Fitzgerald, W.H. (January 1994 Workshop)
French, Leslie (January 1994 Workshop)
Greenhouse, Peter (January 1994 Workshop)
Huggett, Anthony, and Joan Lasenby (January 1994 Workshop)
Kiernan, Kevin, and Andrew Prescott (January 1994 Workshop)
Lasenby, Joan, and Anthony Huggett (January 1994 Workshop)
Parker, A.E. (January 1994 Workshop)
Prescott, Andrew, and Kevin Kiernan (January 1994 Workshop)
Woan, Graham (January 1994 Workshop)