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We open a Page about our Director, Mildred Budny

Logo of the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence in Monochrome VersionLogo of the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence (colour version)This approach corresponds with a new development for our website, with Interviews and Pages to showcase the research, interests, and activities of the People involved in the Research Group on Manuscript [and Other] Evidence. The expanding mission, focused upon manuscripts as well as other forms of evidence, is described on our HomePage.

First came the Interview with Our Layout & Font Designer, Dr. Leslie J. French (6 October 2016, developed from an initial conversation in September 2015, with continuing discussions leading to the completed form); and the Page for our Trustee Adelaide Bennett Hagens (27 September 2016).

Soon came the broadcast (on 12 October 2016) of the Radio Interview (recorded in May 2016) with our Director for The Library Café, hosted by our Associate Thomas Hill. With illustrations, a post on our website describes the background and foreground for that Visit to the Library Café.

Now comes Mildred Budny’s Page or At-Home Page. You Are Here.



Curriculum Vitae

Title Page MB Ths cropped to titles with borderFor some background about what she works on and what Title Page for "Insular, Anglo-Saxon, and Early Anglo-Norman Manuscript Art at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge" (1997)she manages to accomplish, you can now view her Curriculum Vitae.

Downloadable as PDF.

Scholarly works are also listed, with links and updates, via


A sketch of those interests appears on LinkedIn.

See also the list of the Publications of the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence.


Books & Pictures

Gold-stamped logo of the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence on Red fabric ground on the Front Cover of Volume I (Text) of 'Insular, Anglo-Saxon, and Early Anglo-Norman Manuscript Art at CorpusChristi College, Cambridge' by Mildred BudnyGold-stamped logo of the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence over Royal Blue fabric ground on the Front Cover of Volume II (Plates) of 'Insular, Anglo-Saxon, and Early Anglo-Norman Manuscript Art at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge' by Mildred BudnyNot forgetting her Illustrated Catalogue of Insular, Anglo-Saxon, and Early Anglo-Norman Manuscript Art at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, our largest co-publication so far. You could hold your very own copy, now that the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence has been given the distribution of the publication, and we, as a nonprofit educational organization with minimum overheads, may give a special Promotional Offer.

In case you were wondering, with the transfer of the distribution to us, the principal person to carry out its tasks is Guess Who!  There occur some happy moments, as seen here:

Book Signing for Mildred Budny's Illustrated Catalogue, on a Sunny Afternoon outside Fetzer at the 2017 International Congress on Medieval Studies, Tardis Included.

A New Owner of the Illustrated Catalogue inspires a serendipitous Book-Signing, Lovely Sunlight Included. Photography by Mildred Budny.

An account of these adventures appears in the Behind the Scenes Report for the 2016 Congress.  That Report is called Doctor Who Done It, which reveals that the term for that vehicle could be the ‘Tardis’.


Other Interests

mbd logoSome of her other activities can be glimpsed, for example, in other venues.

You might wish to visit her Facebook Pages for both her Jewelry Designs and her Photography of subjects other than manuscripts:

Milly Budny Designs
Behind the Camera: Photography by Mildred Budny.

And you might follow her on Twitter, on various subjects as arise:


For example, did you know she founded her own jewelry design business, ‘Milly Budny Designs’, that she sometimes performs as a Puppeteer and writes or edits scripts for Puppet Shows, and that she writes Animal Stories to illustrate and enliven her jewelry creations?

She confesses to being partial to “Cute Critters” (gathered as #cutecritters).  Some of them wear the jewelry and ensembles which she has created especially for them.

A new development is the publication (Finally!) of the first installment of her Memoirs, long promised (see below).  The Memoirs will be complicated, and you could have a chance to ask or encourage that any mention of you could be good, especially if you help to make it so.  Not talking about bribes, exactly, but about recommending any forms of treating me better, while you might repent, while there is still chance.  And while I might still remember.  Heh, heh.


Her Blog / Our Blog about “Manuscript Studies”

Detail of an initial M on the verso of the leaf. Photography © Mildred Budny

M for ‘Manus’ (‘Hand’)

Wouldn’t you guess that those stories sometimes have puns? Could you tell that, after reading some of her blogposts for our website under the sober title of Manuscript Studies?

A glance at some of their own titles may reveal the talent or taste for puns. Have a look at the Blog’s Contents List.


Memoirs, First Installment

The first installment of my Memoirs has appeared, at last,  in a 16-page illustrated Booklet (May 2017), set in RGME Bembino and published by Milly Budny Designs, in 20 exclusive copies, distributed by my choosing.

  • “The Guessing Game:  A Memoir of My Uncle Bob (Robert Roger McEwan 1918–2007)”
    (Princeton, New Jersey:  Milly Budny Designs, 2017), Issue 1:  20 printed copies, privately printed and distributed

A wider publication and distribution might happen, subject to request.

The Secret:  Be Nice To Me.  That Can Work.  Memory has some Advantages, Thankfulness Included.

#onmygoodside. #agirlcandream.  #thanks.


Watch This Space

Now that this Page begins to take shape, we will add more features to it, exploring more of the range, accomplishments, and aims of one of our principal resources, in the form of our energetic and visionary Director.

Watch This Place!