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We launch the first issue of ShelfMarks.  This occasional Newsletter joins our other Publications, both online and in print.  It aims to report activities, work-in-progress, research results, discoveries, questions, reviews, and news.

Our Newsletter opens a new page in communications by and with the Research Group.  The issues will appear in alternate forms, flexibly according with the variable methods of current transmission, by email, on screens, and in print.  The printed version of ShelfMarks displays our own font and design layout, set out page by page in full.  (8 pages in the first issue.)  Its PDF form preserves the layout.  The EMAIL version, circulated via MailChimp, provides excerpts and highlights, with links in further directions, set out in web form.  (Plus some images of its own.)

To distinguish between these forms, as an aid to bibliographers, book-lovers, and all of our friends, we think of the e-version as a form of ShelfTags for ShelfMarks.
The e-version provides a summary, with illustrations, of what is happening in the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence.

We invite you to explore further, and to join the conversation.

The Newsletter is edited by Mildred Budny and Jim Tigwell.
Please send items, announcements, suggestions for book reviews, and conference or exhibition listings to the Editors:
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Contents of the First Issue: Volume 1, Number 1 (Autumn 2014)

Detail of the opening of a charter issued by Berengarius, with photography © Mildred Budny

Photography © Mildred Budny

  • The Director’s Cut

Highlights of our Anniversary Year

  • The Bouquet List:  A Gathering of Books

The first in a series of reviews by Mildred Budny

  • The Power of Manuscripts in Video Games

The written word still has power, even in digital worlds


The PDF version is available here or here.
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The EMAIL version, as a form of ShelfTags for ShelfMarks, with some extra images, is available here.

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