1997 Congress

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32nd International Congress on Medieval Studies

8–11 May 1997

Co-Publication of the Illustrated Catalogue

[First published on 20 August 2015, with updates]

I.  Receptions at the Congress
to Celebrate the Co-Publication of
Insular, Anglo-Saxon, and Early Anglo-Norman Manuscript Art
At Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

Invitation for Receptions to celebrate the publication of the 'Illustrated Catalogue' by Mildred Budny at the 1997 International Congress of Medieval Studies. Invitation set in Adobe Garamond.

In this year, the two-volume Illustrated Catalogue of Insular, Anglo-Saxon, and Early Anglo-Norman Manuscript Art at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, was published in time for distribution at the Congress and for a series of Receptions there to celebrate the “Cast & Crew” responsible for its collective achievement.  Book-signings continued also at other stages during the Congress, as the author (also the Director of the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence) delivered copies to colleagues who had responded to the special pre-publication discount, and had chosen to collect them on site.  A happy time!

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