2022 Autumn Symposium Program Booklet

October 21, 2022 in Abstracts of Conference Papers, Conference, RGME Program Booklet

2022 Autumn Symposium
Program Booklet

Symposium on “Supports for Knowledge”
Saturday, 15 October 2022
Online via Zoom

56-page illustrated Booklet with the Symposium Program,
Abstracts, and Illustrations
compiled and edited by Mildred Budny
laid out in RGME Bembino (our multi-lingual digital font)
according with our RGME Style Manifesto

2 of 2:  2022 Spring and Autumn Symposia
on “Structured Knowledge”

[Posted on 20 October 2022]

© British Library Board, London, British Library, Add. MS 1546, folio 262v, detail. Opening of the Book of Sapientia (“Wisdom”) in the Moutier-Grandval Bible, an imposing Carolingian manuscript of the Latin Vulgate Bible.

We announce the publication of the illustrated Program Booklet for our 2022 Autumn Symposium, for circulation in printed and digital forms.  A Preview Version as a downloadable pdf was available to participants and attendees of the Symposium, held online on Saturday, 15 October 2022.


The high-quality version of the 2022 Autumn Symposium Program Booklet, incorporating a few small corrections, is now ready.

This 56-page Booklet marks a return to our Research Group tradition of preparing Program Booklets for Symposia and some other events.  (See our Publications.)  Most recently, the Program Booklet for the 2020 Spring Symposium which had to be cancelled at the start of shutdowns for the Covid pandemic was produced as a form of record, souvenir, and promise for the intentions for the two-day event at Princeton University. You may find it freely as a downloadable pdf in either consecutive pages or foldable booklet.

Printed copies of the 2022 Autumn Symposium Program Booklet will be distributed on request

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, to the participants and others.  If you wish a printed copy, please contact please contact [email protected] and provide your mailing address.

The digital version can be downloaded freely here.  We provide two formats, or ‘flavors’, of the digital Program Booklet, in consecutive pages and as a foldable booklet.  The choice depends upon your printing facilities and preferences.  Experience shows us that the choice can be helpful for downloads of our Program Booklets and Research Reports.

  • Consecutive Pages (quarto size, or 8 1/2″ × 11″ sheets)
    consecutive pages
  • Foldable Booklet (11″ × 17″ sheets), to be folded in half, producing a nested group of bifolia
    foldable booklet

2022 Autumn Symposium Program Booklet, Front Cover (Page 1)

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