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[Published on 31 December 2014, with updates.]

Considering the completion of the calendar year, in our landmark Anniversary Year of 2014, we recollect with sadness the Associates who have departed from this life during the year, and the Trustees and Associates who have thus departed across the years since our foundation both as an international scholarly society in 1990 and a nonprofit educational corporation in 1999. We remember these colleagues and friends with thanks and admiration.

This year is the first year, in the redesign of our official website, that we record those colleagues, sponsors, and friends of the Research Group in a special group honored respectfully ‘In Memoriam’. We aim to gather recollections of their presence, in respect and admiration.

DSCN1561 Stairway to Heaven Accessible If You Dare

‘Ascending’. Photograph © Mildred Budny


Respectfully we remember those who have gone before us.  It is an honor and a duty to remember them.  So it must be.  So it should be.

We thank you.