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May 29, 2017 in Announcements, Manuscript Studies

Steady on the Page

Gold stamp on blue cloth of the logo of the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence. Detail from the front cover of Volume II of 'The Illustrated Catalogue'Continuing to reflect on the values of presenting materials, whether text, image, or both, upon a page or writing surface, we have decided to proclaim the principles which guide our approach to layout of posters. You may have noticed some of them at our events, on the Posts of Pages pertaining to them, and/or in the Poster Gallery on this website.

You may know already about our views about design and layout, for example in the Illustrated Catalogue (our own design throughout, apart from the front covers and the promotional booklet), in our Style Manifesto (we are not so shy, uncommitted, or wimpy, as to call it a “Style Sheet”), and in all of our Publications.

Page 1 of the 'Style Manifesto' of the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence in the version of April 2014 (4 pages)

Version of April 2015

Principles and Principled

Now we offer a similarly clear, and polemical, description of principles which we believe should govern the processes, and products, of Designing Academic Posters. The 4-page Booklet, set in RGME Bembino, describes and illustrates the aims.

You may download our booklet in whichever form you prefer:

We adopted this dual form of publishing our Booklets for some earlier cases, as with the Report on some New Testament Leaves in Old Armenian.  Its 20-page Report appears both as

  • Armenian Booklet laid out on 11″ × 17″ sheets for folding into a booklet in consecutive reading order

Experience shows that some of you may prefer the second option, so we continue the provision.


Examples from our Poster Gallery

2014 Poster/Program for the Colloquium on 'When the Dust Has Settled, Or, When Good Scholars Go Back . . . ', laid out in RGME Bembino

What do you think? We invite your comments. We’d be glad to improve.

Poster 2 for the 2016 'Words & Deeds' Symposium at Princeton University, with 2 images from the Otto Ege Collection, The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University. Photography by Lisa Fagin Davis. Reproduced by permission. Poster set in RGME Bembino

And another favorite:

Poster for 'In a Knotshell' (November 2012)with border

Please let us know your favorites!  We’d be glad to hear from you!

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