Sanskrit and Prakrit Manuscripts

April 18, 2018 in Manuscript Studies, Uncategorized

Palm-Leaf and Paper Manuscripts

[Posted on 18 April 2018, with updates and corrections.  Among the updates are new images, showing more specimens in the collection.  We thank John Stavrellis, who works toward a Ph.D. in Indology at the University of Bonn, for identifications of the text on some leaves.]

Paper Leaf in Sanskrit with an Ornate Frame for the 4-Line Text. Gold-framed rectangular green border with frieze-like floral designs in dark green pigment. Private Collection. Photography by Mildred Budny.Inspired by some recent communications, as scholars, collectors, and devotees of manuscripts around the world recognize a welcome on our website, we present some fragments from palm-leaf and paper manuscripts which have joined a collection willing to welcome them.  This private collection of many varieties of scripts, texts, languages, formats across the ages and across many cultures — see our Galleries — has generously allowed us to display, study, and publish them, along with discoveries that this collaboration permits.

For some time, I have meant to present these images on a Gallery of one kind or another on our nonprofit website.  In the transition from our first (Drupal) website to the second (WordPress), I encountered so many difficulties regarding any advance with the Galleries and Media, ensuring an inevitably cumbersome transition from one to the other.

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