Portfolio 93 of Ege’s “Famous Books in Eight Centuries” in the Collection of Richard Weber

June 22, 2022 in Manuscript Studies, Uncategorized

Selected Specimens,
Manuscript and Printed,
in Portfolio 93
of Otto Ege’s Famous Books in Eight Centuries (FBEC)
in the Collection of Richard Weber

[Posted on 21 June 2022, with updates]

Richard Weber Collection, Famous Books in Eight Centuries, Portfolio Set 93, Aristotle, Folio 23 Verso. Reproduced by Permission

With thanks, we offer a preliminary view of the full, and unexpected, glimpse of the Portfolio Number 93, which had been assembled by of Otto Ege (1888–1951) from manuscripts and printed books, so as to exhibit specimens of Famous Books, religious and other, from the medieval period onwards, in the Western middle ages and beyond.

This post offers a start in exploring the treasures in this set of the Portfolio.  Earlier blogposts have begun to examine the structure and elements of the Portfolio both in general and in particular.

This post takes note of the specifics, which hold some surprises.  The post builds upon some previous investigations, which establish points of departure and advances for various of the specimens in the Portfolio, both manuscript and printed.

Earlier blogposts reflect upon such possibilities and complexities.  For example:

We had intended to report more on the specimens of printed leaves, and not only the manuscripts, whilst other tasks called for attention.  The time has come to pick up those aspirations.
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