Seminar on the Evidence of Manuscripts (October 1991)

August 25, 2016 in Manuscript Studies, Seminars on Manuscript Evidence

“Sixteenth-Century Transcripts of Anglo-Saxon Texts”

Invitation to Seminar on '16th-Century Transcripts of Anglo-Saxon Texts' on 12 October 1991In the Series of Seminars on the Evidence of Manuscripts
The Parker Library, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge
(12 October 1991)
Invitation in pdf.

The previous Seminar in the series considered
“Technical Literature and its Form and Layout in Early Medieval Manuscripts”
Parker Library, July 1991

(A Workshop on “The Production, Make-Up and Handling of Medieval Manuscripts”
intervened on 5 October 1991.)

An earlier Seminar considered a related theme:
“Sixteenth-Century Interventions in Anglo-Saxon and Related Manuscripts”
Parker Library, April 1990


The Invitation explains the plan, reports the speakers and their subjects, invites discussion from the participants, and sets out a provisional list of manuscripts available for consultation.

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