Another Visit to The Library Cafe

December 30, 2018 in Interview, Interviews, Manuscript Studies, Reports

Interview with Thomas E. Hill
Art Librarian and Host of The Library Cafe

Thomas Hill welcomes guests to The Library Cafe. Photography © Mildred Budny

At the Entrance to The Library Cafe

This time, we revisit The Library Cafe at Vassar College, for an interview with the creator and host of the series of radio interviews, broadcast on

Thomas Hill shows the selections stocking The Library Cafe. Photography © Mildred Budny

The Barista

An earlier visit, invited by Tom, yielded an interview for his series. Broadcast live on Wednesday, 12 October 2016, the interview with our Director can be heard through the website of the Library Cafe.

Our Director’s accompanying blogpost gives some further reflections, adds a glossary of Names mentioned in the interview (People, Places, Libraries, Books, and Manuscripts), with links and illustrations, and examines the processes by which dedicated research and the changing world of educational opportunities (or the reverse) led to the formation and development of the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence. See Here.

The New Visit

A visit to Vassar for the purpose in August, 2018, yielded this in-depth interview, with questions posed by our Research Group Director, Mildred Budny (an alumna of Vassar College), and thoughtful, detailed responses by Tom Hill. The resulting pair of interviews were broadcast in October as Thomas Edward Hill. Following the initial broadcasts, they can be heard anytime as a podcast.

Seated at his desk in his office, Thomas Hill checks the audio for his Interview.  Photograph by Mildred Budny.

Tom Checks the Audio for His Interview

Booklet Page 1 of the 'Interview with our Font & Layout Designer' (2015-16)

“Interview” Cover Page

We thank Tom greatly for his generosity, hospitality, and inspiration!

With illustrations, we prepare the transcript for publication as a booklet, within the growing series of our interviews in audio or visual forms.

Some of them include the interview booklets with our Layout and Font Designer and with the Author and Layout Designer of the illustrated catalogue co-published by the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence

We look forward to sharing the illustrated booklet showcasing Tom’s interview!

Thomas E. Hill stands at the entrance to the Vassar College Library. Photography by Mildred Budny

At the entrance to the Vassar College Library, August 2018