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October 13, 2016 in Announcements, Reports, Uncategorized

Radio Interview with our Director

Photography by David Immerman.

Photography by David Immerman.

In a newly available broadcast, Mildred Budny is interviewed for The Library Cafe series, hosted by our Associate Thomas Hill.

We invite you to listen, at your leisure, to the newly broadcast radio interview with our Director. Recorded in association with a Class Reunion in June 2016 at her alma mater, Vassar College, it offers the occasion, and the setting, to reflect upon the formative examples of good teachers and a long-term immersion in studying the original sources, manuscripts of course included.

Broadcast live on Wednesday 12 October 2016, the interview can be heard on the web through the website of the Library Cafe. Hear Here.

Our Director’s accompanying blogpost gives some further reflections, adds a glossary of Names mentioned in the interview (People, Places, Libraries, Books, and Manuscripts), with links and illustrations, and examines the processes by which dedicated research and the changing world of educational opportunities (or the reverse) led to the formation and development of the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence. See Here.

Thomas Hill explains the iconography of the cycle of tapestries adorning the entrance hall to the Vassar College Library. Photography © Mildred Budny

Thomas Hill and Sally V. Kiel stand in the Vassar College Main Library on a sunny day in June. Photography © Mildred Budny.


Booklet Page 1 of the 'Interview with our Font & Layout Designer' (2015-16)This radio interview, joining the recorded Oral Tradition stands alongside the first interview (in written form) published on our own website. We asked some pertinent questions, and received detailed, reflective answers from our Associate Leslie French. Because he prefers not to appear in photographs (his chosen attribute is said to be the Tarnhelm), we illustrate the introduction to his interview with his designs for the Research Group. See here.  That interview takes the form of a freely downloadable booklet, accessible through that link.


These several interviews, for which we give thanks, represent a development in our history, as we turn the spotlight onto the People who stand within the books, the research, the collaborations, and the Group.

More interviews are planned.  They may take the forms which the available and preferred recording media invite.

We welcome suggestions for further subjects. Please let us know. Do you think that this is a good plan?


The Host of 'The Library Cafe' in the Radio Studio. Photography © Mildred Budny

Tom In the Recording Studio before we begin the Interview. Photography © Mildred Budny.