2001 Inaugural Workshop on “The Dating Service or the Dating Game?”

January 1, 2014 in Conference Announcement, Events

An Inaugural Workshop for a New Series

Poster for 2001 Workshop on 'The Dating Service or the Dating Game' on 3 November 2001 at The College of New Jersey, Ewing, New Jersey

2001 Workshop Poster

Since 2001, the Research Group has jointly sponsored various forms of scholarly meetings, including Workshops, Colloquia, and Symposia, co-organized by Mildred Budny and held at various centers in the United States and elsewhere. Our earlier events are reported here:

Soon after completing the process of its incorporation as a nonprofit educational organization in 1999, and its official Recognition as such by the Internal Revenue Service, the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence resumed its organization of scholarly events with an “Inaugural and Celebratory Workshop” held at The College of New Jersey.  Over time, as these resumed Events gathered momentum, they came to be called

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