Agendas and Appeals

Agendas for Business Meetings
Appeals for Donations and Contributions

2023 Congress Business Meeting Poster

2023 Congress Business Meeting Poster

In several ways and on various occasions, the Research Group 0n Manuscript Evidence describes ways to contribute and to donate, in funds and in kind, to our activities and mission.  Among them are

  • the Letters for Annual  and other Appeals
    (for special occasions such as Anniversaries)
  • the concise Agendas for our Open Business Meetings.

These messages report our accomplishments, plans, and needs, and offer suggestions for ways to join the journey toward the goals.

The Appeal Letters and Agendas are newly gathered here, in a place of their own on our site.  They help to record, and to reflect, the vigor of the organization across the years.

Both individually and collectively, time and again, they provide ways to keep you aprised of what we are doing while we work to bring it into shape, what our work needs to keep it going and growing, and what parts of this work you might wish to support, sustain, and encourage.

Year by year:

Agenda for the 2019 RGME Open Business Meeting (May 2019)

2019 Agenda RGME Business Meeting

The 2013 Letter and its signatories:

You can see the advances, as momentum gathers. So glad that you help!


Would you like to join these donations and volunteer contributions which sustain the activities and momentum of the Research Group?  See Contributions and Donations or Contact Us.

We look forward to welcoming you.

At the 2017 RGME Business Meeting. Photography © Mildred Budny.

At the 2017 RGME Business Meeting: our Associates, Augustine Dickinson, Derek Shank, and Ioana Georgescu. Photography © Mildred Budny.