1994 Congress

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29th International Congress on Medieval Studies

5‒8 May 1994

[First published on our first website on *19 April 2006, with updates]

At the 1994 Congress, in the second year of its sponsorship of Sessions, the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence sponsored three Sessions and provided a Photographic Exhibition for the Dedication ceremony of the new Richard Rawlinson Center for Anglo-Saxon Studies.  At the time, as of February 1994, Mildred Budny, Director of the Research Group, had been appointed the first Director of that Center.

A change in direction several months later, required by unilateral and impractible changes by the University to the agreed appointment, led the Research Group to a base in Princeton instead.

The record of subsequent activities by the Research Group at the International Congress on Medieval Studies and in our other Events demonstrates the momentum of our mission following the First Phase which gathered focus and intent during the early years of our work in the major multidisciplinary Research Project from which the Research Group emerged.

I.  Sessions sponsored by the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence

[The Abstracts of all the Papers are published, as listed below.]

1.  “Imaging Manuscripts for the Twenty-First Century:  Photographs and Beyond”

Organizer:  Mildred Budny (Research Group on Manuscript Evidence)

Presider:  Mildred Budny


  • Mildred Budny (Research Group on Manuscript Evidence), “No Snap Decisions:  Challenges of Manuscript Photography”
  • Thomas H. Ohlgren (Purdue University), “Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Illuminated Manuscripts: Imaging with Kodak Photo-CD”
  • Leslie French (Research Group on Manuscript Evidence), “Computer-Based Image-Enhancement for Manuscript Studies”
  • Patrick W. Conner (West Virginia University), “Modeling Medieval Scripts with Morphing Software”
Thomas Ohlgren's 'Iconographic Catalogue' (1986)

Thomas Ohlgren’s ‘Iconographic Catalogue’ (1986)

Title Page (1986)

Title Page (1986)

At the 1992 Congress. Photograph © Mildred Budny

At the 1992 Congress. Photograph © Mildred Budny

2‒3.  “Anglo-Saxon Studies 1540‒1720, Parts I and II”

Organizer:  Timothy Graham (Research Group on Manuscript Evidence – Corpus Christi College, Cambridge)

Part I

Presider:  Carl T. Berkhout (University of Arizona)


  • Timothy Graham, “John Joscelyn, Pioneer of Old English Lexicography”
  • Phillip Pulsiano (Villanova University), “William L’Isle and the 1630 Edition of the Eadwine Psalter”
  • Danielle Cunniff Plumer (University of California ‒ Davis), “The Recognition of Anglo-Saxon Poetry from Whelock to Hickes”
  • Kathryn A. Lowe (Glasgow University), “William Somner and the Editing of Old English Charters”

Part II

Presider:  Phillip Pulsiano (Villanova University)


  • James P. Carley (York University), “John Leland and His Manuscripts:  Religious Polemicist or Antiquarian?”
  • Rolf H. Bremmer, Jr. (Rijksuiversiteit Leiden), “The Anglo-Saxon Pagan Pantheon According to Richard Verstegen”
  • Stuart Lee (Oxford University Computing Services), “Oxford, Bodleian, MS Laud Misc. 381:  William L’Isle, Ælfric, and the Ancrene Riwle


All the Abstracts for these Sessions are published in the Old English Newsletter, now archived online

[Update.  The full text of Mildred Budny’s paper, as delivered, is now published on our website in its own right, as a Publication of the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence.

The publication of selected papers from our Congress Sessions over the years represents a new development enabled by the second, expanded and updated version of our website (launched in 2014:  You are Here), for which we thank our Webmaster, Jesse Hurlbut.  See the growing list of our Publications.]


II.  Photographic Exhibition
“The Integrated Approach to Manuscript Studies”

Sign for Photographic Exhibitions of the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence, laid out in Adobe Garamond, with the Research Group logo in monochrome, and crediting the 'Photography by Mildred Budny'This Exhibition, with photographs by Mildred Budny, accompanied the Ceremony of Dedication of the Richard Rawlinson Center for Anglo-Saxon Studies on Wednesday, May 4, at the start of the Congress.

Cover Page for 1992 Exhibition Catalogue on 'An Integrated Approach to Manuscript Studies'

Exhibition Catalogue Title Page

Descriptions appear for our Publications and Photographic Exhibitions and Masterclasses.  The exhibition for this occasion represented a revised variation of the exhibition presented at the 1993 Congress. You can still view its Exhibition Catalogue.


III.  Dedication Ceremony of the Richard Rawlinson Center

Photographs documenting the Dedication of the Richard Rawlinson Center on 4 May 1994, with its new Director and with the framed photograph presented to the Center by the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence, were posted online for a time, but no longer, via http://www.wmich.edu/medieval/research/rawl/rawl_dedication_pics.html (accessed on 3/19/2006).

You might revisit the text of the welcoming speech on that occasion by that new Director here.

The Research Group Archives preserve an annotated Seating Plan which records the actual attendees.  Available upon request.



The full 1994 Congress program is archived as the 27th International Congress on Medieval Studies.