2017 M-MLA Panel Report

November 14, 2017 in Abstracts of Conference Papers, Announcements, Conference, Conference Announcement, Manuscript Studies, Reports

Chandelier and Ceiling Murals at the Netherland Plaza Hotel. Photography by Mildred Budny.

“Seeing the Light”. Chandelier and Ceiling Murals at the Netherland Plaza Hotel.

Artists, Activists, and Manuscript Evidence

Research Group on Manuscript Evidence
Permanent Panel
at the
Midwest Modern Language Association (M-MLA)

2017 Convention
Cincinnati, Ohio
November 9-12, 2017

Our 2017 Panel

With the accomplishment of the 2017 M-MLA Convention in Cincinnati, we happily report the Permanent Panel which the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence sponsored, in the second year of its participation at the Convention. As this participation continues to build, we create a Page devoted to the Panels at the M-MLA Convention, along with our many Activities and Events.

Like last year’s pair of sponsored Panels, described in our 2016 M-MLA Report, this year’s Panel was expertly organized by our Associate Justin Hastings of Loyola University Chicago, institutional host of the Midwest Modern Language Association.

The plan for our 2017 Panel arose in responding to the theme chosen for the 2017 Convention, “Artists and Activists”. Naturally, we selected the themes of “Artists, Activists, and Manuscript Evidence”, which might include, or also include, printed books and other forms of written materials.  Our Call for Papers invited contributions for multiple subjects and approaches, including textual, art-historical, codicological, and palaeographical, which might center upon facets, or stages, of the material evidence of manuscripts in their travels across time and space.  The variety of responses to the Call shaped the Program for the Panel, as announced in the Convention Program Book and for our 2017 M-MLA Panel.  Updates for our Announcement soon provided the Abstracts for the 3 papers, also with some images.

The time has come for the Report.  You are Here.

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