2015 Congress Announced

September 23, 2014 in Business Meeting, Conference Announcement, ICMS, International Congress on Medieval Studies, Reception

Sessions and Events for the
50th International Congress on Medieval Studies
14-17 May 2015

Frowning Corbel Head on Le Pont Neuf, Paris. Photograpny by Ilya V. Sverdlov

The Skeptic

[Published on 23 September 2014, with updates]

With the completion of the Call for Papers and the reception of proposals for papers by 15 September 2014, the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence plans its 5 sponsored and co-sponsored sessions for the next Congress.   Their programs now settle into place for notification to the Congress by the deadline of 1 October.  Following that process, we will be able to announce the programs and, in time, publish abstracts of papers as their authors might wish.

The next Congress will be the tenth year of our co-sponsorship with the Societas Magica and the second year of co-sponsorship with the Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies at the University of Florida.  Our 2014 sessions with these organizations are reported and illustrated in our 2014 Congress Report.  This is the first year of co-sponsorship for the Reception also with the Index of Christian Art at Princeton University.

The prospective sessions and their aims are reported in the 2015 Congress Call for Papers.

The 5 Sessions:

  • Making It or Faking It:  The Strange Truths of ‘False Witnesses’ to Medieval Forms
  • Predicting the Past:  Dream Symbology in the Middle Ages
Corbel head with handlebar moustache on Le Pont Neuf, Paris, with photography by Ilya V. Svedlov

All Things Considered

  • Magic Sung, Spoken, Inscribed, and Printed
    Co-sponsored with the Societas Magica
  • Efficacious Words:  Spoken and Inscribed
    Co-sponsored with the Societas Magica

The other Events which we plan for the 2015 Congress:

  • Business Meeting (All are welcome)
  • Reception (All are welcome)
    Co-sponsored with the Societas Magica and the
    Index of Christian Art at Princeton University

The 2015 Reception takes inspiration from the Anniversary Reception, co-sponsored with the Societas Magica, at the 2014 Congress:  2014 Anniversary Reception.

Please watch this space.  We will post the programs for the sessions and, as the authors permit, the abstracts for the papers.  This would be like our post for the 2014 Congress Report, illustrations included.

5 Corbel Heads in a Row on Le Pont Neuf, Paris

Five in a Row


[Photographs by Ilya V. Svedlov, reproduced by permission]