Full Court Preston

October 10, 2015 in Documents in Question, Manuscript Studies, Photographic Exhibition

Pile of documents and manuscript fragments within melanex protective sheets, with 2 medieval documents from Preston Saint Mary at the top. Photograph by Mildred Budny.Pair of 13th-Century Documents,
Missing Their Seals,
from Preston

Plus a Competition, Prizes Included

[Posted on 10 October 2015, with updates.  Also, now, see Preston Take 2.]

Next stop in our exploration of Manuscript and Document Studies.    Still on the quest of Fragments and Their Contexts.

We turn now to a pair of documents in a private collection, reproduced by permission.  They came for sale as part of a single batch, preserved together and sent forth together, apparently after centuries and generations with a common heritage.  Their origin relates to Preston (now known as Preston Saint Mary), near Ipswich, in Suffolk in England.

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