2024 Anniversary Appeal

2024 Anniversary Appeal
for Donations
to celebrate our
2024 Landmark Anniversary

We invite you to join the Appeal for our 2024 Anniversary Year, when the Research Group will celebrate 2 landmarks in our history:

  • 25 years as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational corporation based in Princeton, New Jersey
  • 35 years as an international scholarly organization founded in Cambridge, England, as part of a major research project at the Parker Library of Corpus Christi College.

Our 2024 Anniversary Appeal

We seek your help to continue with our work, maintain our organizational operations, and progress with our activities and their planning.  As a nonprofit educational organization “Without Members”, we must turn to donations from individuals and institutions, supplemented by grants, where available, and by the pro-bono contributions which power most of what we can do.

The 2024 Anniversary Appeal Letter

The 2024 Anniversary Appeal Letter gives a collective statement of our needs and goals, as the result of months’-long consultations. It concisely lists our achievements, progress, aims, wishes, and gaps-to-fill for this Anniversary.

1) The 2024 Appeal Letter is signed by supporters who join in asking for your help.

Richard Emmerson, Trustee
Adelaide Bennett Hagens, Trustee
Jennifer Larson, Advisory Board
Barbara Williams Ellertson, The BASIRA Project
David Porreca, Department of Classics, University of Waterloo
Celia Chazelle, Department of History, The College of New Jersey
Mildred Budny, Director, Research Group on Manuscript Evidence

2) A one-page Appendix outlines the “Purpose and Plan”.

3) A set of Supplements lists our 2023 Activities and 2024 Planned Activities.

These Supplements stand conveniently as a WebPage:

There, updates might gather as our activities and plans progress.

For Download Here

We offer our Anniversary Appeal Letter for download here with its concise Appendix:

Or, should you wish more details, we offer the set with Supplements (2023–2024 Activities)

Also, for your convenience, here is our updated Donation Form if you wish a printout:

Ways to Donate Online (or Other Ways)

Via Paypal

Via Mightycause:  Donate


Help us to celebrate our
2024 Anniversary

As with previous landmark Anniversaries, we prepare to celebrate this Anniversary with a series of events.

Among them (more to come):

  • Activities at the International Congress on Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo in May: three co-sponsored Sessions, our customary Annual Open Business Meeting, and a co-sponsored Anniversary Reception
    2024 International Congress on Medieval Studies: Program
  • Our one-day online Autumn Symposium in October

And More.

Watch our website (You are Here) and our Facebook Page.

Would you please help with these aims?

As You Might Like It

In sum, we seek funding and other forms of assistance (pro bono expertise, goods, etc.) for our work and the pursuit of our mission.

The 2024 Anniversary Appeal Letter + Appendix and the Donation Form describe ways to contribute, as might best suit your wishes and interests.

We invite you to join the party and the team!

As You Like It

Ways to contribute?  There are many ways to help.

Currency, Goods, Expertise, Time.  All Good.

Via Paypal

Via Mightycause:  Donate


A Community of Scholars, Teachers, Students, Friends, and Admirers of Books

We thank you for your support, and we invite you to join our Anniversary Celebrations.  There is much to celebrate, recognizing the contributions over many years, and looking forward.

Please  join our community and join our cause.

Floral border on the detached leaf from a 15th-century Book of Hours

Photography © Mildred Budny

Please leave your Comments or questions below, or:

Donations and contributions, in funds or in kind, are welcome and easy to give.  See:

We look forward to hearing from you.