2014 Anniversary Party

July 24, 2014 in Anniversary, Events, Parties

Party in Princeton for our 2014 Anniversary

To begin the 2014 Anniversary celebrations for the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence, a Party was hosted generously by Emily Rose and James Marrow. It was a fine way to begin the auspicious year!

Flowers and Refreshments settle into place. Photography © Mildred Budny

In Review

Guests gathered from several directions, from Universities nearby and far away, and from several other institutions — not only academic institutions.  Friends from near and far, meeting anew.

Asked to speak, our Director — the guest of honor — seemed unusually at a loss for words, before summoning her voice to express thanks for the help of so many colleagues and friends over the years, in the voyage of the Research Group from its beginnings in Cambridge to its life based in Princeton.  “Couldn’t do it alone,” she said with a smile and opened arms.  “So glad to see you all here, as we reach a landmark anniversary!  We have come quite a distance — who could have guessed? — with advice, support, and encouragement, thanks to you and many others over decades!”  It was clear that this party meant a great deal to her.  A good occasion.

As an extra bonus, the warm afternoon sunlight in springtime added extra illumination to the gathering.

We gather, in a group view, for the Anniversary Party in March 2014 to celebrate 15 years as a nonprofit educational corporation and 25 years as an international scholarly society. There gathered Trustees, Associates, Volunteers, Advisers, and Friends of the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence. Photography © Mildred Budny

Places in the Sun

Hosts and Guests talk in groups at the window and by the fireside. Photography © Mildred Budny

Fireside Talk

Naturally, some of the conversations considered manuscripts, and reflected on the accomplishments of the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence over the years.

The Hosts of the Party engage in animated conversation. Photography © Mildred Budny


Of course — Hurray! — there was the opportunity to examine, up close, some original — very original — manuscript materials!

DSCN0189 Catherine Fernandez and Scott's Leaf

We thank our hosts and guests for an inspiring occasion.  The hospitality of James Marrow and Emily Rose is exemplary, the substance of legends.  A happy day.


Photography by Mildred Budny


Later in the spring, the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence co-sponsored a Reception at the International Congress on Medieval Studies, to celebrate the anniversaries of the Group and also our long-time co-sponsor, the Societas Magica.  Some pictures show the celebratory scene.