2007 Congress

January 1, 2014 in Abstracts of Conference Papers, Conference Announcement, ICMS, International Congress on Medieval Studies

42nd International Congress on Medieval Studies

10‒13 May 2007

[First published on our first website on *10 Jan 2007, with updates here
Updates include photographs supplied by Larissa Tracy, whom we thank.

At the 2007 Congress, the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence sponsored one Session, and co-sponsored one Session with the Societas Magica, in the second consecutive year of this co-sponsorship.

For this Congress, moreover, the Research Group began the tradition of publishing the Abstracts for its Sponsored Sessions on its official website, which appeared online in this year.  And so began the possibility of posting online announcements and updates for the programs of our Sessions and other Events at the Congresses from this year onward. The series appears in the list of our Congress Activities and our blog about the International Congress on Medieval Studies.

[Updates:  By 2015, with our updated website, it has become possible to access the Abstracts of Papers for our Sessions, listed both By Author and By Year.  In reporting the program, we cite the published Abstracts as they have appeared on both our first website and our current website.

In 2017, while sorting through her photographic files, our Associate Larissa Tracy generously supplied the images from the 2007 Congress, now added here, with her permission.] Read the rest of this entry →