2006 Congress

January 1, 2014 in Conference Announcement, ICMS, International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo

41st International Congress on Medieval Studies

4‒7 May 2006

[First published on our first website on *4 April 2006, with updates here]

At the 2006 Congress, the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence not only sponsored one session, but also, for the first time, co-sponsored sessions with another organization, the Societas Magica.

This collaboration arose from the introduction at the previous year’s Congress between the Director of the Research Group (Mildred Budny) and the President of the Societas Magica (Claire Fanger) by Robert Mathiesen, Trustee of the Research Group and co-Founder of the Societas Magica.  Over time, as the collaboration continued across the years, as reported, for example, in our Congress Archive, it remains clear that this collaboration makes long-term sense.

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