A New Leaf from ‘Otto Ege Manuscript 61’

August 10, 2015 in Manuscript Studies, Photographic Exhibition

Budny Handlist 7. Ezekiel Leaf Verso with the end of Chapter 10 and the beginning of Chapter 11. Photography by Mildred Budny

Ezekiel Leaf Verso

Part of Ezekiel from a
32-Line Latin Vulgate Pocket Bible from France

Budny Handlist 7

Single leaf from a pocket-sized Bible
Circa 186 × 126 mm <written area circa 119 × 81 mm>
Double columns of 32 lines in Gothic Bookhand, with embellishments in red, blue, and purple pigment

Pencil inscription ‘1310 French Bible’ at the bottom of the recto

Formerly part of Ege Manuscript 61 (Gwara, Handlist 61)

Southern France, circa 1325

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