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May 21, 2016 in Conference, Events, Manuscript Studies, Photographic Exhibition

The CopyCat Editor Lying Down On The Job. Photography © Mildred Budny, reproduced by permission.CopyCat Editor

Our Editor in Chief, also our Principal Blogger (see Her Page), gives credit to an expert adviser, who shows paws-on attention, even while lying down on the job.
P.S. That’s some of our text that she’s working on.  You could view and download its completed version below.

Published on 21 May 2016 (with a couple of updates in April 2017).

We pause (paws) for an exclusive interview with our CopyCat Editor In Residence.  She gives expert advice and encouragement for the preparations of our Events.

Recently, we have begun to gather interviews with experts who help — pro bono, of course — with our activities, events, publications, and other productions.  (Starting here.)  A series of interviews with our Graphic & Layout Designer is in the course of preparation.  (He is shy, and works at many tasks, so it takes time to find the right time.  Update:  Now here.)

That our blog on Manuscript Studies may allow for some light-hearted views can be seen already, for example, in the installment on Manuscript Groupies.

Wonderful to learn about the people behind the scenes.  Critters too.

Cats first.  Cats as Cats Can.  And Will.

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