2014 Colloquium on “When Dust Has Settled” Program Announced

November 6, 2014 in Conference Announcement, Events, Exhibition, Reception

We announce the Program for the Colloquium to take place on Friday, 14 November 2014 at Princeton University.

[This post updates the Announcement for this event, published as Colloquium Announced.]

When the Dust Has Settled

(or, When Good Scholars Go Back . . . )

A Colloquium
co-sponsored by the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence
and the Index of Christian Art at Princeton University

Friday, 14 November 2014

1:15 ‒ 5:30 pm: Sessions (with Coffee Break)
106 McCormick Hall
Princeton University

5:30 ‒ 7:00 pm:  Reception
Index of Christian Art
McCormick Hall


Department of Art and Archaeology, Princeton University
John H. Rassweiler
Celia Chazelle

The aim

What happens when a dedicated specialist returns to a subject of long-term interest after other tasks — other projects, jobs, administrative tasks, life in general — have cleared away? While the world, methods, tools, and aims of research (let alone publication) have changed dramatically, sometimes beyond recognition, a return to the chosen subject might also draw upon experience and reflection gained through the passage of time, an accumulation of experiences, and extended “immersion” both in the subject matter and its wider contexts. Thus, although daunting, the return need not involve a start completely from square one or ground zero.

When the dust has settled, and, it may be, the air has cleared, a return might allow for renewal, which could build upon an available, partly remembered, foundation for direction and refinement in this light. Our colloquium offers informal reflections, questions, and discussions about the challenges and potential of returning now to a variety of subjects, in the arts and letters, from Antiquity to Modernity.

The new exhibition at the Index of Christian Art from the archives of its founder Charles Rufus Morey (1877–1955), selected by Jessica L. Savage, forms a centerpiece for reflections about the gathering of cumulative resources. We celebrate the anniversaries of the Research Group this year (25 years as an international scholarly society and 15 years as a nonprofit educational corporation based in Princeton) and the long-term co-sponsorship for the Research Group’s scholarly meetings by the Index of Christian Art and other departments and programs of Princeton University.

Other events and publications celebrating this anniversary year include a Party in Princeton (in March), a series of Sessions and a Reception at the International Congress on Medieval Studies (in May), a Symposium on “Recollections of the Past” at Princeton University (in May), the launch of a Newsletter ShelfMarks (in November), and the on-going redesign of the Research Group website (You are Here).

[Photographs © Mildred Budny from a document of Berengarius, reproduced by permission.]



Document of Berengariius, folded and tied, seen from the front with identifying inscription. Photography © Mildred Budny

“Fit to Be Tied”

Sessions in 106 McCormick

1:15 – 1:30 pm. Introduction and Welcome

Mildred Budny (Research Group on Manuscript Evidence)

1:30 – 2:30 pm. Session 1: Back to the Middle

Presider: Catherine Fernandez (Index of Christian Art)

Richard K. Emmerson (Manhattan College)
“Approaching the Apocalypse Yet Again”

Herbert Broderick (Lehman College, City University of New York)
“Me and the Man of La Mancha:
Pursuing the Impossible Dream (Considering Moses in the Illustrated Old English Hexateuch)”

Mildred Budny (Research Group on Manuscript Evidence)
“Still Tied Up in Knotwork:  Interlace Ornament and the Royal Bible Master”

3:00 – 3:30 pm. Coffee Break

Document of Berengarius, detail, unfolded, with concluding date and gathered dust in the fold. Photography © Mildred Budny

“A Settling of Dust”

3:30 – 5:00 pm. Session 2: Back Again

Presider: Henry Schilb (Index of Christian Art)

Judith Oliver (Colgate University Emerita)
“Rethinking Haseloff:  The ‘Schools’ of Flemish Psalter Illustration in Their Mercantile Context”

Thomas Jacoby (Research Group on Manuscript and Other Evidence)
“Qal‘at Sim’an and Deir Sim‘an 40 Years Later”

Michael T. Davis (Princeton Theological Seminary and Rider University)
“Fast Forward:  Manuscripts Ancient and Modern, with Views of Ezra Pound and His Editor”

Discussion and Concluding Remarks: 5:00 – 5:30

Presider: Celia Chazelle (The College of New Jersey)

Reception at the Index of Christian Art

5:30 – 7:00: Reception

With visit to the exhibition from the archives of Charles Rufus Morey at the Index of Christian Art, guided by Judith Golden


Please let us know if you wish to attend.

RSVP: Please send replies with Accept or Regret to: director@manuscriptevidence.org
with the Subject Heading: RSVP 2014 Colloquium.

Requests for further information to: director@manuscriptevidence.org.

We hope to see you there.

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Information about the exhibition at the Index appears here: First exhibition of archival materials.
Photography by Mildred Budny with views of the exhibition, reproduced by permission.

The entrance to the Index of Christian Art, with an exhibition from the archives of its founder, Charles Rufus Morey (1877–1955), with his portrait overlooking the entryway, and with photography by Mildred Budny

The entrance to the Index of Christian Art, with an exhibition from the archives of its founder, Charles Rufus Morey (1877–1955)


Selection from the Archives of Charles Morey on Exhibition at the Index of Christian Art, with photography by Mildred Budny

Exhibition up close and personal