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Mistie’s Fan Page

Our CopyCat Editor:  Her Page

[Published on 25 May 2017, with Updates.]

Here is “Our Girl”, Miss Mistie, attentive as ever.  A beautiful cat.

Mistie Facing Front. Photography © Mildred Budny

By Popular Request!

Here is a chance to Meet & Greet Miss Mistie.

By popular request, our Volunteer CopyCat Editor has her own Fan Club. You may have met her already through her Command Appurrance (#notatypo) in the first Interview, here: Center Fold.

Now we offer Her Own Page, as a place to record our appreciation for her many talents, her affection, and her attention to our publishing and related activities — especially by Laying Down On The Job, as in sprawling across the proof-sheets, printouts, and related materials.

In case you’re wondering, the Proof Sheets seen here, underneath her firm sprawl, belong to this 2016 Research Group Event: Words & Deeds. The printed Booklet itself can be downloaded here, including the corrected pages from this exclusive first view.  Shall we call this view that of the PawterGeist?

Case On Point

The CopyCat Editor Lying Down On The Job. Photography © Mildred Budny, reproduced by permission.

Did we mention that she, Mistie, is always ready for a Take Over, as in Occupation?  Given our admiration for her, and our happiness that she keeps such good company, we make sure to pause to give extra pats for her companionship, no matter how her “SitIns” — Make That “LieDowns” — might interrupt some of the work we have in progress.  Not a Complaint!  For Mistie, we seek to be Compliant.  Empress of Her Space/Universe, Naturally.

After the first Interview, we have had the intention to write up an updated Interview, after some more extended companionship with her.  An updated Blogpost was on the way, but I (that is, Yours Truly) became so ill for so long that it, like other intentions, had to fall by the wayside for a time.

That was Then.  This is Now.  And How.  And Meow.

Mistie curls up in her preferred spot on the Wicker Sofa. "Mistie's Head Shot". Photography © Mildred Budny.

“Head Shot”. Photography © Mildred Budny.

Wicker World

"Wicker World". Mistie strikes a pose on her wicker throne. Photography © Mildred Budny

“Wicker World”. Mistie strikes a pose on her wicker throne. Photography © Mildred Budny

Now that the warmer weather has arrived, Mistie takes a turn, now and then, on the screened-in porch.  The comfy wicker furniture offers good, and alternative, Seating Plans that might, if apposite, Suit A PussCat.  That is, if She Feels Like It.

Her Call.

(Ah yes, by now, we and you might know what that is:  MEOW MEOW MEOW, all in impeccable accent.  At first, we thought it expressed only irritation, but, now, listening more carefully to the nuances and the moods, we have learned that is, among Other Things, Her Way of Showing Us That She Is Listening.  We have been Warned, or is it Warmed.  Her Fan Club warms to her attention.  Win, Win.)

Back Up Plan

Sometimes we simply have to paws to reflect.  #notatypo.

Sometimes, Mistie turns her back to us and reflects upon wide horizons, up in the trees.  It is her Time in The Sun.

"Back Up Plan". Mistie looks out the window, and turns her back to us. Photography © Mildred Budny

“Back Up Plan”. Photography © Mildred Budny

In the Lick of Time

Miss Mistie Takes a Licking. Photography © Mildred Budny.

“Miss Mistie Gives a Licking”. Photography © Mildred Budny.

Do You Like Meow? [An Update]

Recently, after a long spell of illness and mourning a death in the family, I have returned to taking care of Mistie, while her Guardians (remember, Cats Don’t Have Owners, They Cultivate Servants) are away.  What a lovely girl.

While busy with trying to catch up after that long spell, I can show several photographs of What’s Up in Mistie’s World.

First, her custom for drinking is to stand, rather than bow.  As you see, Her Water Jar rises to her shoulder height, so that she may lap with an upright posture.

When I arrive, the custom now has developed, with requisite Meows to claim attention and Motions to cultivate direction, that the Water Jar must be refreshed, no matter what its level.  Gotta happen.

Easy enough, what with indoor plumbing.  Once the Refreshment has occurred, the Refreshment can commence.  As you see.

Mistie Stands Up to Her Water Jar. Photography © Mildred Budny.

“Mistie Takes A Stand”

Next, Mistie considers her options.  I had brought some papers to sort and a box for the assortment.  While I was unpacking and setting them out, Mistie took over.  Settling into the box, it appears that she fits purrfectly.

Mistie chooses to sit inside a cardboard box intended for sorting papers. She has first pick, of course. Photography © Mildred Budny.

“Purrfect Fit”

Next, naturally, a Snooze is in Order.  All tuckered out.  All stretched out.

Mistie stretches out in a full snooze upon a blanket patterned after a Big Cat. Photography © Mildred Budny.

“Mistie Takes a Snooze”


It is our pleasure to showcase this lovely Cat.  She won our hearts.  Yours, too?

Miss Mistie Looks Quizzical. Photography © Mildred Budny.

“Quizzical”. Photography © Mildred Budny.


Would you like to join Mistie’s Fan Club?  Please say yes.

Add your comments here, if you’d like.

Please watch this space.  More to come!