“Insular, Anglo-Saxon, and Early Anglo-Norman Manuscript Art at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge” (1997)

Front Cover for Mildred Budny's "Insular, Anglo-Saxon, and Early Anglo-Norman Manuscript Art at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge" (1994), Volume I (Text)

Front Cover Volume I: Text

The Illustrated Catalogue (1997)

Mildred Budny,
Insular, Anglo-Saxon, and Early Anglo-Norman Manuscript Art
at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge:
An Illustrated Catalogue

with Photography by Mildred Budny

In 2 volumes with Text and Plates (Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1997)
ISBN 1-8789288-87-7

Published by
Medieval Institute Publications, Western Michigan University
in association with
Research Group on Manuscript Evidence
The Parker Library
Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

Cover design by Linda K. Judy

Photographs joint copyright Corpus Christi College and Mildred Budny
21 pages of Plates in Color and 747 pages in black and white

Text layout designed by Leslie French
Plate layout designed by Mildred Budny
Set in Adobe Garamond™
with special characters, including the Old English and Greek fonts,
designed by Leslie French
Camera-ready copy prepared by Mildred Budny

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Title Page for "Insular, Anglo-Saxon, and Early Anglo-Norman Manuscript Art at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge" (1997)


View Toward the Entrance to the Parker Library in mid-1989 photograph © Mildred Budny

View Toward the Entrance to the Parker Library in mid-1989. Photograph © Mildred Budny.

Volume I:  Text


“Foreword” by David M. Wilson
“List of Abbreviations”
“Preface and Acknowledgments” and “Addenda” by Mildred Budny
“Introduction” by R.I. Page
“List of Plates”

“The Scope and Structure of the Catalogue” by Mildred Budny

“Catalogue of Manuscripts and Fragments at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, with Insular, Anglo-Saxon, and Early Anglo-Norman Illustrations, Decoration, and Artists’ Sketches” by Mildred Budny

Listed by Budny Catalogue Number:

Contents Page of Illustrated Catalogue of "Insular, Anglo-Saxon, and Early Anglo-Norman Manuscript Art at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge" (1997)

Contents Page

[Update: At last, since January 2018, digital access to Parker On The Web has become available more freely, without costly subscription. Now see Parker Library On the Web .

As a result, the URLs provided here for the online facsimiles of individual manuscripts (once they appeared) have had to change. We offer the new URLs, and also retain the former URLs as archived on the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine. It is worth stating that the titles assigned to the manuscripts in the Parker Web version differ in various ways from those offered in the Budny catalogue.]

1. MS 286.  The Gospels of St. Augustine of Canterbury — MS 286 (formerly online facsimile here)

2. MS 304.  The Corpus Juvencus — MS 304 (formerly online facsimile here)

3. MS 197B.  The Cambridge Portion of the Cambridge–London Gospels — MS 197B (formerly online facsimile here)

4. MS 173, Part II.  The Corpus Sedulius — Part II of MS 173 (formerly online facsimile here),
combined with Part I (= Number 11 below)

5. MS 69.  Homiliae in Evangelia, Book II, by Gregory the Great — MS 069 (formerly online facsimile here)

6. MS 144.  The Corpus Glossary — MS 144 (formerly online facsimile here), along with Number 56 below

7. MS 153.  The Corpus Martianus Capella — MS 153 (formerly online facsimile here)

8. MS 193.  The Corpus Hexameron and its Added Endleaves — MS 193 (formerly online facsimile here)

9. MS 399.  The Corpus Julian of Toledo — MS 399 (formerly online facsimile here)

10. MS 223.  The Saint-Bertin Prudentius — MS 223 (formerly online facsimile here)

11. MS 173, Part I.  The Parker Chronicle and Laws — Part I of MS 173 (formerly online facsimile here),
combined with Part II (= Number 4 above)

12. MS 183.  King Athelstan’s Presentation Copy of Bede’s Vita Sancti Cuthberti and Other Texts —
MS 183 (formerly online facsimile here)

13. MS 12.  The Corpus Alfredian Pastoral Care — MS 012 (formerly online facsimile here)

14. MS 192.  The Landévennec Amalarius — MS 192 (formerly online facsimile here)

15. MS 221, Part I.  Alcuin’s and Bede’s Orthographiae — Part I of MS 221 (formerly online facsimile here)

16. MS 206.  Dialectical and Theological Texts by Martianus Capella, St. Augustine of Hippo, Aristotle, Alcuin, Boethius, and Others — MS 206 (formerly online facsimile here)

17. MS 448.  Religious Texts by Prosper, Isidore, Prudentius, and Others — MS 448 (formerly online facsimile here)

18. MS 320, Part II.  Archbishop Theodore’s Penitential, the Libellus Responsionum of Gregory the Great, and Other Texts — Part II of MS 320 (formerly online facsimile here)

19. MS 356, Part III.  Latin Abba-Glossary — Part III of MS 356 (formerly online facsimile here)

20. MS 352.  Boethius’s De Institutione Arithmeticae — MS 352 (formerly online facsimile here)

21. MS 326.  The Corpus Aldhelm — MS 326 (formerly online facsimile here)

First page of 'Scope and Structure of the Catalogue' in 'The Illustrated Catalogue (1997) by Mildred Budny

‘The Scope and Structure of the Catalogue’

22. MS 411.  “Archbishop N.’s and Thomas Becket’s” Latin Gallican Psalter, with Canticles and Litanies — MS 411 (formerly online facsimile here)

23. MS 389.  The Vitae of Sts. Paul and Guthlac by St. Jerome and Felix — MS 389 (formerly online facsimile here)

24. MS 23, Part I.  The Corpus Prudentius — Part I of MS 023 (formerly online facsimile here)

25. MS 57.  Benedictine Monastic Texts for Abingdon Abbey — MS 057 (formerly online facsimile here)

26. MS 368.  The Rule of St. Benedict — MS 368 (formerly online facsimile here)

27. MS 285, Part II.  Aldhelm’s Carmen de Virginitate and De Octo Vitiis Principalibus — Part II of MS 285 (formerly online facsimile here)

28. MS 162, Part I.  Old English Homilies by Æfric and Others — Part I of MS 162 (formerly online facsimile here)

29. MS 201, Part I.  Wulfstanian Ecclesiastical and Secular Handbook — Part I of MS 201 online facsimile here)

30. MS 473.  The Corpus Winchester Troper — MS 473 (formerly online facsimile here)

31. MS 146.  The Samson Pontifical:  Winchester Pontifical and Benedictional, with Worcester Supplements — MS 146 (formerly online facsimile here)

32. MS 41.  The Corpus Old English Bede — MS 041 (formerly online facsimile here)

33. MSS 419 + 421.  Old English Homilies by Wulfstan, Ælfric, and Others, Supplemented at Exeter — MS 419 + MS 421 (formerly online facsimile here + here)

34. MS 190.  Ecclesiastical Handbook from Exeter:  A Witness to “Archbishop Wulfstan’s ‘Commonplace Book’ ” — MS 190 (formerly online facsimile here)

35. MS 178.  Bilingual Rule of St. Benedict — MS 178 (formerly online facsimile)

36. MS 198.  Old English Homilies by Ælfric and Others, Supplemented probably at Worcester — MS 198 (formerly online facsimile here)

37. MS 188.  Enlarged Version of Ælfric’s First Series of Catholic Homilies — MS 188 (formerly online facsimile here)

38. MSS 140 + 111, pp. 7–8 and 55–56.  The “West-Saxon” Gospels from Bath Abbey — MS 140 + MS 111 (formerly online facsimile here + here)

39. MS 163.  Romano–Germanic Pontifical Adapted for Use in a Female Community — MS 163 (formerly online facsimile here)

40. MS 265, Part I.  Ecclesiastical Handbook from Worcester:  A Witness to “Archbishop Wulfstan’s ‘Commonplace Book’ ” —Part I of MS 265 (formerly online facsimile here)

41. MS 9.  The Corpus Portion of the London–Cambridge Legendary: The Earliest Witness to the “Cotton Cambridge Legendary” — MS 009 (formerly online facsimile here)

42. MS 322.  The Old English Dialogues of Gregory the Great — MS 322 (formerly online facsimile here)

43. MS 391.  The Portiforium of St. Wulfstan — MS 391 (formerly online facsimile here)

Catalogue Front Cover Volume II: Plates

Front Cover Volume II: Plates

44. MS 422, Part II.  The Red Book of Darley — Part II of MS 422 (formerly online facsimile here)

45. MS 361.  Regula Pastoralis by Gregory the Great — MS 361 (formerly online facsimile here)

46. MS 44.  The Corpus Canterbury Pontifical MS 044 (formerly online facsimile here)

47. MS 267.  Historiae, Part I, by Frechulf of Lisieux — MS 267 (formerly online facsimile here)

48. MS 270.  The “Missal” of St. Augustine’s Abbey — MS 270 (formerly online facsimile here)

49. MS 291.  Bede’s De Temporum Ratione and Other Computistical Texts — MS 291 (formerly online facsimile here)

50. MS 276.  Historia Romanorum by Eutropius and Paul the Deacon, and Historia Normannorum by Dudo of Saint-Quentin — MS 276 (formerly online facsimile here)

51. MS 253, Part I.  Confessiones by St. Augustine of Hippo — Part I of MS 253 (formerly online facsimile here)

52. MS 149.  The Corpus Latin Josephus:  Hegesippus’s Historiae Libri Quinque MS 149 (formerly online facsimile here)

53. MS 328, Part I.  Osbern’s Vita Sancti Dunstani and Liturgical Texts for St. Dunstan — Part I of MS 328 (formerly online facsimile here)

54. MS 330, Part I.  William of Malmesbury’s Copy of Martianus Capella’s De Nuptiis Philologiae et Mercurii —
Part I of MS 330 (formerly online facsimile here)

55. MS 199.  Ieuan ap Sulien’s Copy of the Liber de Sancta Trinitate by St. Augustine of Hippo — MS 199 (formerly online facsimile here)

56. MS 144, Endleaves.  Irish Fragment of Priscian’s Institutiones Grammaticae, Book II — Back endleaves of MS 144 (formerly
online facsimile here), along with Number 4 above

“List of Works Cited and Suggestions for Further Reading”
“Index of Manuscripts”

Volume 2:  Plates

21 pages in Color (Full-page Frontispieces to each volume and Color Section at the end of Volume I)
747 pages in black and white in Volume II

Motto of the Catalogue, a quote by John Milton (1644)

Motto of the Catalogue


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