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[First published on 13 June 2014, with updates]

Detail of an opened book in a late-medieval manuscript illustration

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Across the History of the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence, we have taken care, for many of our conference sessions and other scholarly events, to circulate the Abstracts, more or less detailed, describing the subject, approach, context, and results (or interim results) presented in the Papers or Responses.

The Abstracts may allow specialists and non-specialists alike to glimpse the nature of the materials under consideration, and to serve as a record of the presentation.  The Abstracts are circulated in various forms and formats, which have undergone progression or evolution across the years and types of events.

At first, the invitations to our Seminars on “The Evidence of Manuscripts” described briefly the presentations which the contributors intended, as a way to set the stage for the gathering. Then, during the development of our series of Annual Symposia on “The Transmission of the Bible”, summary descriptions of the subject, scope, methodology, and/or approach of the individual papers came to be provided in the Program Announcement Poster or, later, the Program Booklet, issued on the day itself and afterward in printout. This practice expanded, to various extents, in the series of Symposia, Workshops & Colloquia which resumed in 2001.

With our updated website (2014-), the Posters and Booklets are available online. A Gallery displays the Posters on Display, in an exhibition of the evolution of our style. The Abstracts appear in the Programs or Booklets which can be downloaded on the Pages for their respective Events.

You may find individual Abstracts by Year of Presentation and then by Author’s Name in our Lists of


The approach to publishing the Abstracts for our Congress Sessions evolved somewhat differently. Our first website (online from 2007 and archived online in 2015) allowed for the publication of Abstracts for Papers and Responses presented at our sponsored Sessions at the Annual International Congress on Medieval Studies, and then also, in time, for our co-sponsored Sessions there. Our redesigned website (online from 2014) gave the opportunity to include images and other media for some of those Abstracts, and also to publish online the Abstracts in the Posters or Booklets for our other Events, including the earlier Symposia, Workshops, Seminars, and Colloquia.

In 2015, we extended the tradition of preparing printed Booklets for our Events elsewhere than at the Congress to one of our Sessions at this year’s Congress: Program Booklet & Abstracts for ‘Predicting the Past’ Session 2015.

Always the design of our Posters and Booklets conforms with the principles of our Style Manifesto. In recent years, the Posters, Booklets, and other Publications (including this website) are laid out in our multilingual RGME font Bembino, available freely for download and use.

I.  Congress Sessions

Since 2007 we publish on our website, as their authors permit, the Abstracts of some Papers and Responses for our Sessions, both Sponsored and Co-Sponsored, at the annual International Congress on Medieval Studies.   They appear in our Congress Archive for the specific years.

You may find individual Abstracts by Name and/or by Year of Presentation in our Lists of

Our redesigned website (launched in 2014) allows for the online publication of those Abstracts now in our copyright font Bembino.   This exceptional, high-quality, multi-lingual digital font is described and downloadable for FREE here:  Bembino.

The Program Booklets, with Abstracts, for some Sponsored and Co-Sponsored Sessions at the Congress are available for download:


IPoster for 2014 Symposium at Princeton University on 'Recollections of the Past', with images courtesy of Adelaide Bennett. Poster laid out in RGME Bembino.I.  Symposia

With our redesigned website, starting in 2014, we also publish, in pdf format, the Programs which were distributed in printed format our Symposia (1995-2000, 2009, and 2013–).

Apart from the Inaugural Symposia in 1995 and 2009, these Symposium Booklets include the Abstracts of Papers:

The Booklets for the 2013 and 2014 Symposia are laid out in our multi-lingual digital font Bembino.


III.  Colloquia & Seminars

Some of our other Events are accompanied by Abstracts of the Papers, giving more or less detailed descriptions of the subject, approach, and results of the research.  The new website allows for their publication more widely.

The publication of some papers from the 2002 British Museum Colloquium appeared elsewhere.

The Booklet for the 2014 Colloquium is laid out in our multi-lingual digital font Bembino.


IV.  Permanent Panels at the M-MLA Convention (2016–)

The Abstracts for our sponsored Permanent Panels at the annual Convention of the Midwest Modern Language Association (M-MLA) are published on our website along with their Programs and, with any updates, along with their Reports:

An Index for these Abstracts lists them by Year and by Author.


Watch this space for future events.

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