2019 International Congress on Medieval Studies Program

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Sponsored and Co-Sponsored
by the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence
at the 54th International Congress on Medieval Studies
9–12 May 2019

[Published on 24 September 2019.  With the achievement of our Activities at the 2018 International Congress on Medieval Studies, as announced in our 2018 Congress Program, we both give a 2018 Congress Report and report, for now, the course of deliberations about the Programs for our Sessions and other Events at the 2019 Congress.   As for the 2019 Congress Program announcement, You Are Here.  Also, for updates, please watch this space and our Facebook Page.]


We continue the preparations for the 2019 Congress. in 2019, the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence celebrates its 20th year as a nonprofit educational corporation and its 30th year as an international scholarly organization.  Accordingly, we aim to hold both customary and extra-special events, both at the Congress and elsewhere.

We have a tradition of celebrating landmark Anniversaries, both for our organization, with organizations which which we share anniversaries, and for other events. As described, for example, in our 2014 Anniversary Reflections.

This coming year, 2019, we prepare events at the Congress and elsewhere, so as to represent, to explore, to promote, to celebrate, and to advance aspects of our shared range of interests, fields of study, subject matter, and collaboration between younger and established scholars, teachers, and others, in multiple centers.

In June 2018, we learned that most — not all — of our Session Proposals (due on 1 June) for the 2019 Congress have been accepted by the Congress Committee, so that we progress to their Call for Papers. We regret the rejections for proposed Sessions which, for example, promoted initiatives by Graduate Students and by Independent Scholars, and which we wished to support.  Anyway, we worked with what was granted.  And so, and lo, we now select the Programs, with a strong set of proposals.  Once the Committee reviews and, perchance, accepts our proposed Programs, we might venture to announce the Programs for our Sessions, as well as the other proposed Events.

Who, What, Why Not

Logo of the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence (colour version)

As in recent years, we co-sponsor Sessions with the Societas Magica (2 Sessions). It will be the 14th year of this co-sponsorship. It will be the first year of co-sponsorship with the newly-founded organization Polytheism-Oriented Medievalists of North America (POMONA).

Also, like the 2015–2018 Congresses, we plan for

  • an Open Business Meeting and
  • a Reception.or maybe two.  Hey, it is an anniversary of awesome proportions!  And we have more than one organization to thank for co-sponsorship over these years!

As usual, we aim to publish the Program for the accepted Papers, as their Authors permit. Abstracts for previous Congresses appear in our Congress Abstracts, conveniently Indexed both by Year and by Author.]

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